to fulfill our energy need beyond oil, coal and gas (fossil energy) for a healthier world.

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Facts About Our Oil Energy Reserves

Limited Oil Reserves

Indonesia only have 3.32 billion barrels proven oil reserve in early 2017

Runs out in 2027

At a current production of about 831,000 barrels per day, and growth of consumption of 4.9 % - it will totally run out in 2027.

Not distributed enough

While we still have oil, gas & other energy sources – our electricity level is still at about 93% now. Some area in Sulawesi and Papua, this level is much lower (less then 75%)

The Price is too Expensive

Even when we still have fossil fuels, our price in Rupiah per kilo calorie for natural gas, gasoline and diesel are much higher compared with our renewable energies in the form of wood chips, pellets and briquettes.


Biomass & Waste Based

We’ve identified numbers of growth area for this renewable energy in Indonesia. Among the top of the list are Biomass & Waste Power Producer and Biomass Energy (BioDME, Syngas, Bio-Oil, BioCoal, Wood pellets, Wood chips)

Distributed Solution

Characteristics of Biomass Resource are renewable, abundant, spread out, carbon neutral, storable and substitutive. AfterOil choose distributed approach as an integrated solution:

1. Distributed Renewable Resources
2. Distributed Energy Producer
3. Distributed Ecosystem (Blockchain)

Help the WORLD

INDONESIA also has the best opportunity to supply renewable energy for the WORLD, particularly Biomass Energy.


Benefits & Impacts

Competitive Price

Biomass Energy (wood chips/pellets, energy producer, etc) has lower & stable price, inexhaustible & clean energy, affordable for SME business, more jobs created.

Save The Earth & Society

- Less Global Warming (reducing gas emissions)
- Underdeveloped villages could produce their own energy & reduce urbanization
- Improved Public Health since negative health impacts come from air & water pollution emitted by fossil fuel energy

Powered by Blockchain

- Facilitates the distribution of trust & governance
- Develops resilience to change
- Improves auditability
- Creates powerful data systems

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