AfterOil is a distributed renewable energy crowdfunding platform based on blockchain to fulfill our energy needs beyond oil, coal and gas for a healthier world.

Indonesia has only 3.3 billion barrels PROVEN oil reserve in early 2017 with current production about 831,000 barrels/day. At the same time, our oil demand is growing fast and it’s 2 times of our oil production. What if it runs out & there is NO MORE production in 2027? While Indonesia is suffering diminishing oil supply, shifting to renewable resources in Indonesia needs to happen faster through massive actions & revolutionary approach by speeding up innovation in business (crowdfunding) and technology (blockchain).

That’s why we need the new way to create scalable renewable energy industry. AfterOil is trying to solve financing problems in renewable energy sector to improve energy security and environmental sustainability by replacing the current and future fossil energy usage. Through blockchain utilization is expected to accelerate project implementation with secure system, transparent, traceable and immutable.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has identified and predicted that around 10% of Global GDP (Gross Domestic Product) would be stored on the blockchain by 2025. The WEF also indicated that blockchain technology would become mainstream at that time.

AfterOil is connecting energy producers, investors, and also market to complete the energy supply chain. We’ve identified numbers of growth area for this renewable energy in Indonesia, among the top of the list arebiomass/solid waste based.

Our mission is not only commercial purposes, but also achieving high social impact by referring to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - at least we’re targeting 4 Goals :

#7 Affordable & Clean Energy,
#11 Sustainable Cities & Communities,
#13 Climate Action,
#17 Partnerships for The Goals.

Let’s collaborate & invest our resources to make a healthier world and save the future.

What’s AfterOil?

AfterOil is a crowdfunding platform that helps renewable energy producer (communities/groups, cooperatives, companies/startups) and investors to collaborate together to produce renewable energy machines and/or products with suitable funding schemes on smart contract agreement (blockchain).

How many types of investment?

We provide 3 types of investment contract:

  • FORWARD (Salam) - available, the contract where full payment for an energy is paid in advance but the delivery of energy is made at an agreed future date.
  • GREEN EQUITY (Shirkah) - not available yet, it’s financial contract between two or many parties to establish a commercial company based on capital and labor. The profit and loss are shared at an agreed proportion according to the amount of contribution.
  • LEASE (Ijarah) - soon, Two parties are involved: the lessee (End User) & leaser (Energy Producer). The Leaser is the real owner of the asset or property rights, and it is rented out to the lessee until full payment is received. If all payments are received at contract maturity, the lessee has the option to keep the asset or give it back to the Producer.

How do I join AfterOil?

Everyone can join by following these steps:

  • Sign-Up for FREE on this website & Login
  • Select type of investment & energy producer availability on the platform, tailored to your personal character & interests and your funds to be invested.
  • You can monitor your investment valuation through periodic updates about the latest conditions.
  • (Green Equity) - You will get company’s income statement and dividends from the invested startup/company yearly.
  • (Green Equity) - Secondary market will be available for investor at least 1 year old investment.

What does AfterOil do?

  • AfterOil is connecting renewable energy producers, investors, and also market to complete the energy supply chain.
  • We identify renewable energy products with stable demand, prices and growing characteristics.
  • We find startup energy who has an expertise to produce renewable energy machines.
  • We select energy producers who have capabilities to produce renewable energy products.
  • We raise funds from urban people so they not only can see their investments, but have a ’’feeling good’’ to be a part of these climate actions to safe environment & society for our own good and next generation.

Why do we use Blockchain?

By leveraging blockchain technology to enable new levels of coordinated fundraising (smart contract), co-ownership (green equity), and trading of renewable energy assets (forward: crypto assets).

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