Limited Oil Reserves

Indonesia only has 3.32 billion barrels proven oil reserves.
What will happen if it runs out in 2027 ??

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Fossil Energy Prices are
Much Higher

If we compared with Renewable Energy like biomass/waste based (Solid Fuel: wood chips, pellets, briquettes, etc) including DME (biofuel)

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2nd World’s Largest
Plastic Waste Contributor

We all generate waste 0.6 kg/person/day (organic & non-organic) and 3.2 million tons/year Indonesia’s plastic waste are thrown to the rivers & sea.

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This is


have Funds
have Waste
have NO Energy Machine
have NO Skill on Energy Production
Investment Crowdfunding for everyone who wants to get profits while increasing energy efficiency & environmental sustainability
This is

Energy Producer

has NO Fund
has Waste
has Energy Machine
has Skill on Energy Production

Distributed Renewable Energy

Distributed Renewable Resources
Feedstocks like biomass & solid waste are renewable, abundant, spread out, carbon neutral, storable & substitutive
Distributed Energy Producers
Communities, cooporatives, & companies could join to become our partner & participate on projects as energy producer
Distributed Ecosystem
Blockchain-powered system provides a complete traceability, transparency, system security and immutability - trusted system in untrusted society

Our Projects

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Biomass Energy
Coming Soon
Jl. H. Juanda no. 43, Kec. Sukmajaya Depok
2 years

image not found4,000,000.- IDR/Unit

15% per year

2 years.

100 unit

    Coming Soon

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Wood Pellet
Coming Soon
Jl. H. Juanda no. 43, Kec. Sukmajaya Depok
2 years

image not found5,000,000.- IDR/Unit

18% per year

2 years.

207 unit

    Coming Soon

+ equity
Shallow Geothermal
Coming Soon
Jl. H. Juanda no. 43, Kec. Sukmajaya Depok
20 years

image not found10,000.- AOi

14% in AOi

    Coming Soon

More Project

Save The Earth & Society

Get lower & stable energy price, affordable for SMEs, underdeveloped villages could produce their own inexhaustible energy

Improves public health by processing municipal solid waste, reducing negative health impacts come from air & water pollution emitted by fossil fuel energy

Minimize carbon pollution & reduce greenhouse gas emissions (less global warming)

Collaborate & make circular economy with (Food), (Water) and other stakeholders

in the world

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