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Wood Pellet Pare

Rp 5,000,000 /Unit
Projected return : 18% / year
Contract : 2 years
207 Unit, has been invested by 5 Unit
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Wood Pellet Pare

Indonesia's biomass energy potential source is very huge, there are around 660 million tons/year of biomass waste generated from 36 million hectares of rice fields, commercial plantations and forests (exclude agricultural products themselves). Hopefully it makes a circular economy chain so there will be no more “wasted resources“ in the form of materials and energy, wasted lifecycles, etc. - must be maximized to reduce them.

Wood pellet are solid fuels made from biomass wastes such as timber industry, tree branches and twigs, and other agricultural biomass wastes. As a Renewable Energy (RE) and clean fuel, wood pellets can replace fossil fuels and it’s neutral carbon so it will be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Many local and global industrial markets need these fuels, and moreover there is a neighboring country’s company needs this biomass energy of 500,000 tons/year and inshaa Allah by the end of 2020 the need will increase doubled.

In Pare region, Kediri Regency - East Java, at least there are available 2,520 tons/month of biomass waste raw material within a 50km radius, pretty much for SME local market such as cracker producers and grain drying - they had been used firewood. For a small burner with a capacity of 15-20 kg/hour is more efficient in its operation and the heat is stable, 60% more efficient rather than using gas.

Shocking recent news become trending topic when founded 47 producers of tofu in Tropodo village, Sidoarjo - East Java have been burning plastic waste to fuel their tofu production. It pollutes the environment and has a serious impact on public health (allegedly there are toxic contents in it such as Dioxin - which can cause cancer, parkinson and birth defects in infants). This news was viral & released in the The New York Times article, International Media from US - To Make This Tofu, Start by Burning Toxic Plastic.

To answer this problem and challenging, Pak Andika's team which is a local wood pellet producer in Pare, Kediri - come to provide wood pellet solutions including burners that can be purchased by installments as a frying pan with a consumption level of around 20-30 kg/hour. They will get intensive assistance in conducting the production process from other expert teams that are partners of AfterOil operators.

If you are interested in participating in this project, you can finance it based on productivity units per 2,871 kg worth Rp 5,000,000 for a 2 year contract, where the wood pellet project provides an annual ROI rate of 18% which will be distributed after due.

Your support as a sponsor will contribute positively to increase welfare the people of Kediri and Sidoarjo, mainly economic growth of the real sector in the region, as well as improving environmental quality and public health of the residents.

year Net Profit ROI
1 917,464 IDR 18%
2 917,464 IDR 18%
Payback 5,000,000 IDR -
Total 6,834,928 IDR -

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Real Value of this Project : 5.4% / year

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